GUI Add-ons(English)
解決方案GUI Add-ons(English)

SAP Business one DwnInv 5.x : Taiwan GUI ( Government Uniform invoice) add-ons

The DwnInv Add-ons is developed by Dwins ERD department. It’s based on UI-API and DI-API of SAP Business One SDK and fully integrate to SAP Business One system. For version 5.X, it's new functionalities and data structure could let user got more flexible operations and managments.


  • It’s follow the regulations Governing the Use of Uniform Invoices.
  • GUI data is recorded at UDT now, that is different from version 4.x.
  • This add-ons can generate GUI invoice after A/R invoice automatically, if configured.
  • By system configuration, you can change the settings to control the behavior of user, For example, block or warning when amount of GUI is larger than A/R invoice.
  • Traditional Chinese / English language conversion automatically.
  • User defined print-out format for uniform invoice.
  • In version DwnInv 5.x, it can upload electronic tax invoice to MOF platform and filing the media to Trade-VAN.
  • Consolidated Tax Return for Headquarters and Branches
  • For business requirement, this add-ons can create many GUIs from one A/R invoice and support batch GUI generation also.

System requirements:

  • 9.0 x86/x64 SAP Business One Client
  • 9.2 x86/x64 SAP Business One Client, if Browser access service.
  • SQL server 2008 R2、2012 and 2014 is support. HANA database is excluded
  • Support Localization : P.R. China / Australia / Signapore
  • Local currency : New Taiwan Dollars (TWD)
  • Suggested resolution : 1320 x 768

Function List:

  • GUI function
    • Input / Output Tax
    • Combined Uniform Invoice
    • GUI Credit Memo
    • Filing
    • E-invoice
    • Conslidated Tax Returns for Headquarters and Branches
  • Tax Rate
    • Taxable, 5%
    • zero-tax rate
    • Exemption of Business Tax
  • Type
    • Electronic invoice (E-invoice)
    • Computer Uniform Invoice
    • Cash Register Uniform Invoice
    • Hand write
    • Taxes and levies withheld by the customs
    • Except when a business entity is exampted
  • Copies
    • Duplicate Uniform Invoice
    • Triplicate Uniform Invoice
    • Special Uniform Invoice
  • Folder / Segment Numbering:
    • Warehouse
    • Segment (BP)
    • System
    • BP / Segment & Whs
  • Report & Layout
    • GUI Audit Report
    • GUI invoice list
    • GUI print-out layout
    • zero-tax list
    • Input & Output summary report
  • DLL support
    • DLL supoort for external system.

Reference customers

Some of reference customers are listed below, these customers use DwnInv 3.X to 5.X. Dwins not only implement new GUI add-ons but also help our customer to migrate old version to new one , and finance consult when GUI add-ons is adopt.

If you are interesting to DwnInv, please send your email to contact person to request more information or on-line demostration.

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